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Hotel Sales & Marketing Strategies for Business Success

There are a variety of elements that contribute to the overall success of an asset. From quality service, comfort, and clean rooms to modern amenities and a strong sense of security, SHW thoroughly understands what hospitality guests want and deliver it in a unique way.

Word-of-Mouth - The Most Powerful Form of Advertising

Through the years we've learned that word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of hotel marketing. By implementing our proven asset, resort, and hotel management strategy, SHW offers our guests an unparalleled level of value and service.

Evaluate the Market for Hotel Sales Opportunities

The evaluation process is central to understanding an asset's place in the market. Everything about a property must be highly scrutinized so that it can be gauged against the competition. Once an honest assessment has been reached, problem areas can be streamlined, which will allow the asset to be integrated into the local business community.

Aligning our interests with popular tourist attractions for promotional advertising campaigns, as well as soliciting local business groups and government agencies for membership, will allow your profile, business activity, and hotel sales to increase exponentially.

The Value of a Flag

Operating hospitality assets under a respected flag is also one of the most important keys to success. SHW utilizes seven tests to determine which brand owners should align themselves with to ensure financing, a strong balance sheet, and a productive relationship.

Seven Tests to Determine a Potential Franchise Relationship:

  1. Determine how much the existing flag is contributing to the property with a monthly examination of the denial report, which shows the true occupancy rate.
  2. Check group business conversion rates to establish the contribution of the chain's regional sales office.
  3. If the flag itself is to be acquired or merged with, SHW will consider the buyer's reputation and insist on an exit provision; a new operator's objectives may not be in accord with our own.
  4. Representatives should be knowledgeable about trends that will affect a local property. Examine the flag's stability and performance; multiple ownership changes are a potential warning sign.
  5. Evaluate the flag's services to member hotels including hotel sales and marketing, national or international advertising, the central reservations system, and guest programs. We also consider the flag's name recognition, and whether it appears to favor large hotels over small ones in guest and business services.
  6. Determine what kind of support the chain offers for renovations. At a minimum, consultation and volume purchasing programs should be offered.
  7. Evaluate frequent-stay programs and participate only in those that meet our needs. Although such programs can enhance a chain's image, programs with high administration fees are usually not worth the effort.

Confident & Effective Hospitality Marketing

Once all of these highly important and varying aspects of our management strategy have been addressed, the marketing departments can focus their efforts effectively and with the utmost confidence on the most lucrative demographics.

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