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Our Experienced Hospitality Management Group

S.H.W is a privately owned hospitality management group and consulting company specializing in financial review, receivership, and turnaround for hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, our renowned hospitality management group was formed by Ghassan Sader and offers over four decades of industry experience.
At S.H.W, we understand that a satisfied clientele ultimately determines the success of any asset. Therefore, we believe that protecting the interests of our owners, guests, and staff is of paramount importance.

Insightful Asset Management

Our hospitality management and operations departments feature some of the most qualified individuals across the globe. From the United States, Canada, and Latin America to the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf States, S.H.W offers keen insight into the intricacies of established and emerging markets, which allows us to blend diverse and proven perspectives to form comprehensive strategies for our various hotel, hospitality, and business clients.
Besides the hospitality industry, S.H.W also serves lenders, investors, insurance companies, CPA's, litigation support, and architects. Our primary goal is to increase clients' asset value through maximizing efficiency and ROI.

Our Vision

A professional, harmonious environment that provides a memorable hospitality experience.

Mission Statement

To be responsive to the needs of our guests, employees and owners. We are committed to creating and delivering a positive and memorable hospitality experience to each of our guests.


To create a consistent environemnt that address the personal and professional needs of our employees. This will create positive interactions between all staff members enabling them to deliver a positive hospitality experience.

Dedicated Management Teams

The combination of a strategically positioned asset with the highest caliber staff requires a knowledgeable and dedicated management team to ensure long-term success. Given the complexities of a global hospitality market, our depth of specialized industry experience allows S.H.W to offer unparalleled asset management and consulting services.

Talented Professionals

Throughout the world, S.H.W employs talented professionals that convey a refined confidence. Given the skills needed to succeed, our highly trained teams are motivated by the vital role they play in our hospitality management philosophy. Creating a superior level of morale and inspiration to constantly strive for and surpass lofty goals, our assets enjoy a unique environment that leaves a lasting impression.

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Above all else, S.H.W offers hope to distressed hotels and businesses. More often than not, our clients find themselves in the unfortunate position of being unable to turn their business around. With our knowledge, experience, and dedication, S.H.W can turn assets into thriving enterprises. Our hospitality management expertise continues to be applauded by property owners, financial institutions, and beyond.

Mr. Ghassan Sader, Founder and CEO of Sader Hospitality

Sader Hospitality Worldwide was formed by Ghassan (Gus) Sader, a seasoned hospitality management executive with extensive experience in every segment of the industry. From full-service luxury hotels to European castles, Ghassan has been working in the hospitality industry and beyond for over four decades now.

Educational Background

After completing his undergraduate studies in hotel administration at the Institut International de Glion in Montreux, Switzerland, Ghassan managed various hotels in prewar Lebanon. Eventually, the Fates led him to the United States, where he completed his postgraduate studies at Cornell University in 1973, returning in 1982 as a guest lecturer.

Hospitality Management Beginnings

Over the next 15 years, Ghassan worked with international hotel and resort owners and a variety of banks to develop hospitality real estate. His work included a wide variety of projects over such diverse geographic regions as the United States, Croatia, Japan, Azerbaijan, and Saudi Arabia. Ghassan has also held executive positions with the Hilton International in Kuwait and was responsible for markets that included Europe, the Middle East, and the Arabian Gulf States.
In the early 1990's, Ghassan was responsible for the hotel and asset management of a variety of hotels for Great Western Bank, overseeing a portfolio worth over $1 billion. Shortly thereafter, in 1994, Ghassan formed his first company with two other partners, Hospitality Asset Services LLC, where he offered hospitality consulting and asset management services for a variety of hotel owners and banks throughout the United States.

Sader Hospitality Worldwide Is Born

From a respected hotel management and administration career in nine countries to an extensive background in banking, Ghassan has contracted with the majority of financial institutions with hospitality portfolios including Cathay Bank, AMRESCO, Wells Fargo, Great Western Bank, Bank of America, and CS First Boston, to name a few. It was with all of this rich experience and steadfast dedication that in 2008, Ghassan J. Sader formed his own hospitality management company, Sader Hospitality Worldwide LLC.


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